Day Tickets

All regular day tickets must be purchased online, with the exception of our Support Local Thursday tickets, our Lodging Partner tickets, and our Yurt & Guard Station Guest tickets.

Support Local Thursdays: On Thursdays, bring a recent receipt (within 7 days of your planned visit) from a small, locally owned shop or restaurant, and purchase a $25 lift ticket at the Ticket Booth when you arrive. Support Local tickets are not available online.

Lodging Partners: If you stay with one of our lodging partners, bring the paper voucher with you to the Ticket Booth and you will be able to purchase a discounted (10% off) ticket. Valid paper vouchers provided by your host are required to receive a discount. No exceptions.

Yurts or Guard Station Guest Tickets: If you’re staying in one of our yurts or the Guard Station, you will purchase your discounted lift tickets (10% off) at the Ticket Booth at the mountain.

If you plan to purchase a lesson package, DO NOT purchase rentals online.

Lift Tickets
All Day
Student (13-18), College & Military (Please bring ID)
Child (7-12)
6 & Under
70 & Over
Bunny Hill Tows

A portion of the purchase of your lift ticket is used to further our mission purpose of providing affordable year-round outdoor recreation opportunities to our local communities, especially youth.