Second Sunday Skate Ski Clinics

Photo Credit: Travel Baker County

Second Sunday Skate Clinics

Interested in Skate skiing or wanting to sharpen your skills? Anthony Lakes is hosting 3 skate clinics this season with instructor, Sam Wiswell.

  • Sunday, January 14
  • Sunday, February 11
  • Sunday, March 10

Beginner and Intermediate clinics available. See clinic descriptions below.

Cost Options:

  • Clinic fee, includes 2 hours of instruction with no more than 5 participants per clinic: $50
  • Add $15 for Trail Pass
  • Add $15 for Rentals
Participants should dress warm and bring their own water and snacks as we will stand around to discuss technique and watch demonstrations. 

Beginner Clinic


Beginner Clinic, from 10am to noon: The beginner skate clinic is intended for individuals who have never skate skied before, but have experience on either downhill or classic skiing. This clinic may also be for those who may have skate skied a little but are still looking to improve their fundamental skills. We strongly encourage some experience on skis (downhill or classic skiing). This should not be your first time on skis.

  • Learn to move around on skate skis and be introduced to the basics of climbing hills, slowing/stopping, and making turns
  • Technique topics covered: generating efficient forward movement, proper body position, weight shift, balance and timing arms and legs
  • Beginner clinic will primarily cover V1 technique, but may introduce participants to the V2 and V2-alternate techniques as time allows
  • Beginner clinic will primarily take place on beginner terrain

Intermediate Clinic


Intermediate Clinic, from 1pm to 3pm: The intermediate skate clinic is intended for individuals who have had at least one season of skate skiing experience or who have received some form of skate skiing instruction in the past.

  • Take a deeper dive into the nuances of the three skate skiing techniques (V1, V2, and V2 alternate) and spend time emphasizing when is the best time to use and transition between the three techniques.
  • Time may also be spent going over cornering and downhill techniques
  • Intermediate clinic will take place on a wide variety of terrain ranging including some steeper hills