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Anthony Lakes Ski Patrol

Join our volunteer organization that has a long and respected history at Anthony Lakes.
Creating a safe environment with a quick response in emergency situations.

Join the Anthony Lakes Ski Patrol

The Anthony Lakes Ski Patrol is a group dedicated volunteers helping to ensure a safe environment and a quick response when injuries or emergencies occur. They have a long and respected history at Anthony Lakes Ski Area and invite participation in the volunteer organization. Please ask for information or view the application by emailing Amy Swiger at amy@anthonylakes.com and consider joining in this rewarding activity.

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Why Do People Join the Ski Patrol?

Important Applicant Information for the 2021-2022 Season


The Anthony Lakes Ski Patrol (ALSP) accepts applications year-round. ALSP conducts a couple of ski-with-the-patrol days that will give you an excellent opportunity to spend a day with an experienced patroller and learn firsthand what the patrol does in its daily duties on any given weekend. These are conducted throughout the season PRIOR to your being enrolled in any formal training. Formal training begins with the Spring Outdoor Emergency Care course followed by On the Hill Ski and Toboggan instruction the following season. With very few exceptions, it is generally not possible to apply, be selected, be trained, and become a Patroller in the same season. A candidate will invest a full year in training and successfully pass all of the training disciplines before being selected and voted on to the patrol. The initial cost of training is approximately $260.00 along with some equipment that you will be responsible to purchase.

A brief timeline/outline of the process to join the Ski Patrol


Current Ski Season –> Candidate applies and skis with the patrol
March through June –> Candidate attends and completes the OEC course
September –> Candidate attends the Annual Ski Patrol refreshers
Following Ski Season –> Candidate attends and completes On the Hill Training
March/April of following Ski Season –> Candidate is voted on the Patrol and becomes a Ski Patroller [This is about a 13 to 15 month process]

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the mountain!