Anthony Lakes celebrates 60 years

Photo Credit: J. Gildemeister

Celebrate the best place on Earth

While a lot has changed in the past 60 years, much remains familiar at Anthony Lakes ski area. With skiers taking to the foothills of the Elkhorns in the 1920’s to Champ and Lois Bond establishing Little Alps in the 1950’s, skiing has been a part of the Baker and Grande Ronde Valley’s culture for decades.

On January 12, 1963, Anthony Lakes ski area officially opened under the Anthony Lakes Corporation, and it was that day that a marked the beginning of what has come to many as the best place on earth.

Like other ski areas, many families have spent generations on the slopes of Anthony Lakes. Maybe we’re biased, but there is something extra special about our little ski hill. Maybe it’s the rich history, insane views, and the friendly, down-home atmosphere. A place where everyone does know your name. A place where your kids can safely roam the hill. A place where the beer tastes especially great. A place where, in today’s day and age, one can unplug and just be. Anthony Lakes continues to be the happy place for many and a spot dear to our hearts.

Let’s celebrate this season by remembering how incredibly lucky we are to have this slice of heaven in our lives. Anthony Lakes is a ski area that continues to reinvest in its infrastructure and its people, always giving back to the communities that support it.

Let’s celebrate this season with the sole focus on skiing and riding. Let’s remember the men and women who, over the past 6 plus decades, have dedicated so much of their lives to keeping this ski area alive and well for us all to enjoy.

This season, we celebrate 60 years of Anthony Lakes – in our hearts and under our feet, it truly is same as it ever was.