Anthony Lakes Outdoor Recreation Association (ALORA) Mission Statement

To enrich and improve the lives of Baker, Union, Grant, and Wallowa County residents, especially youth, through enhancing local, year-round outdoor recreational opportunities, focusing on stewardship, education, and promotion of outdoor activities, and ensuring that all opportunities/activities are provided in an affordable manner.

Currently, and since 2010, Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort, LLC. (ALMR) is owned and operated by Anthony Lakes Outdoor Recreation Association (formerly, BCDC, Inc.) a 501 c3 nonprofit organization. Governed by a passionate and dedicated board of directors, all who have grown up skiing at Anthony Lakes, Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort is a quaint and familiar ski hill with a lot of local love. Since the 1930’s, locals have strived to keep the ski area alive and well to carry on the traditions of trudging through the Elkhorn mountains to preserve the lifelong sport of skiing in Eastern Oregon.

Recent History

It was in 2010 when the previous owners were ready to cut ties with a financially failing ski area. Those owners offered the ski area to the local communities: namely Union and Baker County.

The then Baker County Commission Chair, Fred Warner, stuck his neck out for the beloved ski area. He simply didn’t want to see the ski area close and lose one of Eastern Oregon’s most cherished places. Warner and Baker County moved forward using an existing, yet vacant county board to take on the ski area. Baker County Development Corporation (BCDC) was reinstated to operate a ski area. The Board of Directors were appointed, management was hired, and it was off to the races to save Anthony Lakes – a cornerstone to Baker and Union County winter recreation.

Warner knew how much the ski area meant to the local communities, and it was through Warner’s passion for Anthony Lakes that the ski area was given another chance.

While Anthony Lakes was never owned by Baker County, the county was instrumental in its revitalization. Fast forward 11 years to present day and Anthony Lakes Outdoor Recreation Association continues to reinvest in the ski area, its people, and the local communities. During the 2020 (Covid) winter ski season (December to April), the ski area brought over $1.3m to the local communities through the Lodging Partnership program, Support Local Lift Tickets, Baker 5J School discounts, local expenses, and staff wages.

Anthony Lakes ski area has always been well loved and visited. Past news clippings tell a story of a very busy ski area: approximately 300 cars and 1200 people who showed for opening day races in 1938; over 500 spectators showed up for ski jumping events in 1949; 150 cars in the parking lot on a nice January day in 1965; an estimated 1200-1500 people at the area on a single day (Winter Carnival) in February 1967; a recorded 40,000 total visitors in 91 days of operation in 1969 (more total skier visits than in recent decades).

Some 80 plus years later, Anthony Lakes continues to be the happy place for many, both locals and visitors. With continued partnerships, stewardship, and positive minded people, ALORA will go forward in providing outdoor recreation opportunities for Eastern Oregon.

Ski Area History Timeline

Throughout its 60 plus year history as an established ski area, Anthony Lakes has witnessed various owners and management. Below is a history timeline of Anthony Lakes, highlighting pivotal moments including change in management and / or ownership.

A special thank you to the Brinton family, Stan Ingram’s “A Tale of Two Skis,” Jim Patton, Amy Barnes Warner and Kristie Osborn Jesenko, for help in compiling the history outlined below.

The Early Days


  • Skiing in Eastern Oregon gains popularity. Evergreen Ski Club formed, clearing of a ski hill at Boulder Gorge; failed due to lack of snow at low elevation.


  • Anthony Lakes Playground Association formed and started locating ski sites in the Anthony Lakes area.
  • Enthusiasm persuaded the Forest Service to open the road to the Lakes area.
  • First formal opening on Sunday, March 27.
  • That fall, the Ski Club obtained winter concession from the Forest Service to install a tow and operate the area.
  • The Evergreen Ski Club, the AL Playground Association and many volunteers installed a 1,200-foot rope tow which fired up for the first time on November 20.
  • Day Ticket was $.35/day.
  • The area opened December 11.
  • There were 1200 people in 300 cars that showed up for the opening day races. (Came from Boise, Portland, and Washington).
  • This was the first date of operations for the Anthony Lakes Ski Patrol


  • The first Northwest Ski Tournament was held December 14, 1939.
  • Remodel and lengthening of rope tow to 1,700 feet.
  • Day ticket was $.50/day.
  • Development plans moved forward for a lodge and dormitories but was halted by the start of the war.


  • Locals continued to form work parties to keep the road open to the ski area.
  • Evergreen Ski Club and Playground Association opened the road.
  • Evergreen Ski Club sold the tow to Harold Lee, concessionaire, for $400.


  • Pearl Harbor closed the ski area by January 29, 1942.


  • Movement to reopen began.
  • Rotary plow was built by Walt Moshberger.
  • Howard Lee sold the tow to Olaf Rodegaard.
  • AL Playground Association and the Evergreen Ski Club reformed.


Photo Credit: Jerry Gildemeister
  • Forest Service contributed to snow removal by February.
  • Northwest Class A ski jump was held in April and brought 150 cars.


Photo Credit: Jerry Gildemeister
  • The ski jump tournament brought 600 people in March.
  • No funds for snow removal forced the area closed in October.
Little Alps saves area skiing


  • Champ Bond kept Baker Valley skiing alive by building tows in the foothills


  • Bond obtained a permit to build a ski tow at Little Alps


  • The 1200-foot tow was increased to 1800 feet and an additional 600-foot tow was installed.


Photo Credit: Jerry Gildemeister
  • Little Alps ski area was in full operation; tickets were $1/day.


Photo Credit: Jerry Gildemeister
  • A lodge was built at Little Alps and another 1200-foot tow was installed.
  • Champ Bond’s rotary plow was built and used to clear the road.


  • Little Alps closed due to required tow equipment changes and lack of skiers due to the opening of Anthony Lakes in January of 1963.
Anthony Lakes Ski area comes back to life


Photo Credit: Jerry Gildemeister
  • Dr. Carl Kostoll, Bert Vanderwall, By Brinton, Stan Ingram, Dr. Campbell, and Stewart Earl came together to revive the area.
  • Governor visit, State Highway commission approval for snow removal.
  • Anthony Lakes Corporation was founded (Board of Directors)
  • First actual chair lift (Pomalift) and warming hut installed.


  • Anthony Lakes Ski Area opens officially under the Anthony Lakes Corporation on Saturday, January 12, 1963.
  • Bert Vanderwall organized the first Ski School and Ski Shop concession


  • Electricity is run to Lakes area.
  • Plans for Day Lodge and Chairlift.


Photo Credit: Jerry Gildemeiser
  • Anthony Lakes, Inc. awarded a 20-year permit for operation of the ski area.


Photo Credit: Jerry Gildemeiser
Photo Credit: Jerry Gildemeister
  • New day lodge built and installation of the new Riblet double chair completed in October.
  • Skiers now traveled to 8,000 ft (highest elevation in the Northwest at the time) and carried 1200 skiers per hour.


Photo Credit: Jerry Gildemeiser
Photo Credit: Jerry Gildemeister
  • Anthony Lakes Corporation purchased the summer business and Ski School/Shop from Bert Vanderwall, making a year-round recreation playground.
  • Rod Chandler first ski school director paid by Anthony Lakes.
  • Bob Blank – First General Manager


Photo Credit: Jerry Gildemeister
Photo Credit: Jerry Gildemeister
  • Recorded 40,000 total visitors in 91 days of operation in 1969
  • Voted “nation’s most loveable ski area” by Ski Magazine.
  • Ski School Bell tower erected by the Evergreen Ski Club in memory of ski area founders and donated by the late Joe Updegraff.
  • Keith Petrie named new area General Manager.


Photo Credit: Jerry Gildemeister
  • Keith Petrie, General Manager


  • Mike Lockhart, General Manager


  • Jim Patton, General Manager


  • Dwaine Shubert & Russ Honeymiller purchased ski area from the corporation


  • Dwaine Shubert, General Manager


  • Kearney, Kutsch, Ball purchased from Shubert


  • Rick Pignone, General Manager


  • Installation of the new Riblett Triple Chair


  • Bill Junilla, General Manager


  • Rick Pignone, General Manager


  • Kearney/Kutsch/Ball gifted the ski area to Baker County
  • Baker County Development Corporation (BCDC), a then vacant county entity, was reallocated to form the now 501c3 non-profit, Anthony Lakes Outdoor Recreation. (While Anthony Lakes was never owned by Baker County, Baker County was instrumental in the ski area’s revitalization).


  • Peter Johnson, General Manager


  • Summer at the Starbottle opens for summer dining


  • ALORA awarded a 5 year contract for both Anthony Lake and Union Creek Campground Complexes.
  • ALORA opens The Trailhead Bike and Ski Shop downtown Baker City, which also houses the ALORA main office.


  • City of Baker City contracts ALORA to manage Baker City’s municipal golf course, Quail Ridge.