Alice Trindle of Alice’s Wonderland

Dedicated to Alice Trindle

Alice’s Wonderland was created in honor of and dedication to lifelong Anthony Lakes skier, ski school instructor, and former Anthony Lakes Outdoor Recreation Association (ALORA) Board of Director member, Alice Trindle. Alice recently stepped down from her role as an ALORA board member but is still an integral member of the ski school. Alice started teaching in 1978 and with a decade or so hiatus to run a business, Alice has been teaching skiing for 40 years. Having not missed one day of our Ski for the Health of it program over the past 9 years, Alice’s dedication and passion for teaching skiing is witnessed by the hundreds of students she has taught.

When the ski area was gifted to ALORA (formerly BCDC), Alice came on as an original board member to share her vast knowledge in tourism and marketing in Eastern Oregon as well as her history with the ski area. As former Anthony Lakes Marketing Director and Assistant Ski School Director, Alice’s expertise provided a lifeline for our little ski area when the outlook was bleak. Eleven years ago, Anthony Lakes ski area almost shut down. Our amazing Board of Directors stepped up to the plate, volunteering a significant amount of time and knowledge to see the ski area succeed. As local business men and women who all grew up skiing at Anthony Lakes, the ALORA board took a failing ski area and turned it into where we are at today.

Alice was born and raised here in Baker County. Her history with the ski area runs generations deep as her family was among some of the first to ski the foothills of the Baker Valley. In fact, Alice started skiing at Little Alps at age 4. Alice’s parents were among the first group of people who formed the Anthony Lakes Corporation, and her father was one of the men who helped instill the first poma lift. The Trindle family purchased the second cabin ever built in the “Summer Home” area, so not only did Alice and her brothers spend the winter months skiing, the family could be found adventuring around the area in the summer months too. Alice grew up at Anthony Lakes and her passion for area shows. A few of her favorite memories of the ski area:

  • “Riding up the rope tow and Bert’s father, Roy, yelling at us for fooling around; Of course, we went through about 4 pairs of leather mittens each winter due to the toll extracted by that rope running through your hands!”
  • “I remember wonderful hamburgers cooked by Mrs. Tandy, a women not much more than 4.5 ft. tall, in the old “Warming Hut” which was located down in the meadow in those days, and is now the rental building.”
  • “I think I may have taken a lesson or two from Bert, but my favorite instructor was Mr. Campbell…he was pretty cute! Gene Conklin from Pendleton, who had the first cabin built with the rounded-style roof in the Summer Home area, also taught my little brother Pat and I.”

Alice is a staple of Anthony Lakes, its history, and its culture. She has and continues to shape the feel and experience that is Anthony Lakes. ALORA management and the ALORA Board of Directors wanted to take the time to say Thank You, Alice. Your role with Anthony Lakes Ski Area has not only kept our very special little ski area open, but has also been integral in providing the opportunity for many local youth the opportunity and access to the lifelong sport of skiing.