Yurt Arrival Information

Provisions and instructions to help you with your stay…
Welcome to Anthony Lakes Resort!

Yurt Arrival Information

Yurt Locations:

  • The Gunsight Yurt, the yurt is located in the Campground Loop Trail #11 in the Nordic area
  • The Hoffer Yurt is located off the Southwest side of Anthony Lake Loop in the Nordic area

Upon Arrival

  • Gunsight check in time is 2pm at the Ticket Booth.
  • Hoffer check in time is 3pm at the Ticket Booth.
  • Please make your best attempt to make your scheduled check in time.. We are small ski area and we schedule our staff to be available for check in. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Check out time is 10:00am
  • Snowmobile shuttles are available for gear and people at check-in and check-out. Shuttles are $25 (round trip).
  • PLEASE REMEMBER: If you have scheduled your stay on a non-operating day (Monday through Wednesday), the ski area amenities are not available, but someone will be there to check you in/out.

Please locate outside:

  • Woodpile for firewood
  • Pee Tree – please urinate and dispose of filtered gray water at tree. NO GARBAGE or FOOD to be placed near or around tree
  • Outhouse: Please only have one trail (single file) going across the groomed run to the outhouse and remember good trail etiquette
  • Cooler and snow shovels

Please locate inside yurt:

  • Fire extinguisher and first aid kit
  • Under bunk is a folding table and extra supplies
  • The big bunk will fold up as a bench – Pull metal dowel out and use pull tab to pull up or down

General Yurt rules:

  • Snow Removal: It is your responsibility to keep the yurt roof clear of snow while staying at yurt. The yurt is equipped with a broom handle with an attached tennis ball wrapped in duct tape. This works best to shed snow off the roof.
    • Plastic shovel: Used when clearing snow off the roof, to clear pathways, and making steps
    • Pack down snow around exterior of yurt wall, leaving a gap between yurt roof and snow around yurt. Y
    • You do not need to shovel to base of yurt.
  • Wood Stove: If you have any questions on the how to start a fire in the stove, please do not hesitate to ask your yurt host.
    • Please do not chop kindling inside the yurt or on hearth/base that woodstove is sitting on
    • Chop wood outside at all times
    • Please be frugal with firewood
    • Do not store random items on the wood stove
    • Use the gloves provided when handling firewood, water pots, fire poker, etc.
    • Burn appropriate trash and food scraps
  • Melting Snow for Water: Use the 2 stockpots for collecting snow. Remember to have some water in bottom of pot before placing on stove. Don’t be afraid of pine needles or a little mountain pepper. You can store drinking water in water jug provided. Also, water is available at both lodges.
  • Light: Each yurt is equipped with two propane lanterns, as well as three battery operated lanterns. Please utilize the propane lanterns as your main source of light, while limiting the use of the battery operated lanterns. Your yurt host will guide you through lighting the lanterns.
  • Dishwashing: Please use dish bins to wash dishes, there is soap, bleach, sponges, towels, etc. provided. Please strain your gray water in 5-gallon bucket prior to dumping it at “pee/gray water” tree. Place strained material in wood stove and burn it. We recommend a pre-wash, wash and rinse with a capful of bleach. Do not use soap on cast iron skillets, use brush provided and paper towel to clean them.
  • Garbage: Pack out all your garbage!!!
  • Propane Stove: Make sure propane stove is in a safe area to cook. Make sure to turn propane OFF when not cooking and when leaving yurt.
  • Trail Etiquette: Please remember you are sharing the trails with other users. Do not walk on groomed Nordic trails. Walk single file outside of set track and stay in the same track both ways. Travel on skis/splitboards, or snowshoes when going to lodges/parking lots if at all possible.
  • Emergency: In the event of an injury or an emergency please call 911. Also, send someone to the Nordic lodge or Main lodge which ever is closer and they will contact the proper personal to assist you.
    • If an emergency occurs after ALMR’s operating hours an emergency radio is located in a red box on the porch of the Nordic center. Open lid and follow directions.