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RV Parking & Camping Info

Please check out our policies and agreements below…

Policy and Agreement


ALMR has 13 RV Parking Spots available on a first come, first serve basis. Guests must display the ALMR RV parking pass in addition to the ODOT Sno-Park pass. RV passes are available for purchase for $20/night in the Retail Shop located in the Day Lodge. The $20 fee is an Admin and Utility cost recovery fee designed to offset ALMR’s cost to provide power, bathrooms, snow removal, and administrative labor. ALMR provides eight (8) 30 amp outlets and five (5) 15 amp outlets (each 110V outlet has two plugs). ALMR will also provide an outhouse for RV’s that are not fully self-contained. Overnight parking is available for RV’s that do not require or need power for $8/night. Overflow parking is located at the west-end of the lower parking lot, opposite of the RV row with power.

All overnight vehicles/guest agree to the following terms

  • No overnight vehicles/RV’s without a valid and displayed ALMR RV overnight parking pass.
  • No vehicles/RV’s will be left unattended overnight. Any RV’s or vehicles left unattended overnight will be considered abandoned and towed by Superior Towing, Baker City, OR at the owners expense.
  • All RV’s will follow direction provided by ALMR personnel. This may result in moving the RV to accommodate snow removal requirements outlined by ODOT and the USFS 24hrs a day.
  • There is a 13 consecutive day limit for overnight camping at ALMR.
  • Quiet hours are 10pm-8am. Please respect your neighbors.
  • If your RV is larger than 22’, prior approval from the General Manager must be obtained and a specific location will be identified to park. Please call ahead if this is the case to obtain prior approval.
  • No RV parking in the lower lot Noon-5pm every Wednesday for snow removal.
  • Dogs must be attended and picked up after. Dog waste bags are provided at or near the outhouse provided. Please do not let them run free without supervision. Keep them on leash. Dogs may not be tied to RV and left outside unattended while RV is unoccupied.
  • Please respect ALMR and the USFS property by cleaning up after yourself and not leaving any trash or empties upon departure. A dumpster is provided in the upper parking lot to dispose of waste prior to your departure.
  • Do not park vehicles in front of RV’s. A minimum of 22’ must be maintained from the RV to the adjacent parking for the safety of our guests and per ODOT, USFS and Sno-Park Regulations.
  • Loss of power due to weather is not the responsibility of ALMR. Refunds will not be provided in the event of power loss to the RV hookups.
  • Sites may not be saved as this is based strictly on first come-first serve.
  • If there is an open site in RV row then it is open. Pull in then purchase parking permit at the Retail Shop located in the day lodge.
  • All ALMR employees know and understand the rules of the RV parking and understand the reasoning behind them. Any ALMR employee working or off duty will be respected and has the authority to revoke RV parking privileges.
  • One Camp Host will be available for any questions or concerns at the Shop end of the RV camping row.

If any RV arrives at night following the closure of the Day Lodge/Retail Shop, a RV pass must be purchased and on display by 10am the following day. Any RV that plans to camp while ALMR is not in operation, generally Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, prior arrangements must be made. Please contact Ian Warner, ALMR’s Mountain Manager, at ian@www.anthonylakes.com or 541.856.3277 ext. 25. Payment will be accepted prior to or following days that ALMR is closed. Payment is required on days that ALMR is not in operation.