George Roach Scholarship

Any school age student, Grade 4 or older in good standing with attendance in their school, is eligible to apply for the George Roach Snow Sport Scholarship. This scholarship will cover the cost of lift tickets, lessons, and rental equipment. Please see application information and forms below.

Selection will be based upon such factors as:
• Financial need
• Public School participating in Anthony Lakes School Programs
• Past Scholarships received
• Past School Program participation
• Advisor Statement/Recommendation

The Application Process:
1. Complete Scholarship Application Forms
2. Have school Representative/Advisor/Director complete statement of financial need and benefit of participation.
3. Return completed application to GRSS Scholarship Committee
**(NOTE: Baker 5J students must return COMPLETED scholarship applications WITH their Ski Program registration to their school office).**
4. Award will be granted prior to first day of lessons for your school.

Other submissions send to:

GRSS Scholarship Committee
47500 Anthony Lakes Highway
North Powder, OR 97867

No faxes or emails accepted
Any questions call: Alice Trindle at 541-519-7234 or Kay Stoneberg at 541-910-8095

APPLICATION: George Roach Scholarship Application