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Donation Requests

Yes, we do donate services and gift items to non-profit organizations!

Please read the rules below carefully

Donation Requests

Because we are so frequently asked to make donations we have developed rules for making your requests. Please read them carefully and submit your request at the appropriate time to qualify for the quarter.

Donation Request Rules

Lift tickets or retail merchandise will be awarded to request made in writing via the US Postal Service on a quarterly basis. Requests will not be accepted by email, and must be on your organizations letterhead. Please tell us about your organization, event, who the event benefits, and when the event will take place. Your letter must be received 30 days prior to the quarter end with your event taking place during the following quarter. Please see the chart below to submit your request on time.

Request Received Decision and Distribution Your Event Date
February 28 March 31 April 1 or after
May 31 June 30 July 1 or after
August 31 September 30 Oct 1 or after
November 30 December 31 Jan 1 or after

Please make sure that your letter includes a return address where vouchers or merchandise can be mailed directly to your non-profit organization. Donations will be limited. Timely submittal, geographic location of your organization, and need will be considered. Sorry, but we will only be able to give to an organization once a year.

Please send your written request to:

Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort
Attn: Chelsea Judy
47500 Anthony Lake Highway
North Powder, Oregon 97867